D is for Doors #AtoZchallenge

D’s linked to Peterborough Cathedral: Dissolution; destroyed; dismantled; Diocese; Dean; Deity; Dancing; Deer and Doors.


In case you’re wondering these illustrations are pencil drawn quickly then a quick splash of watercolour using a very broad brush so I can’t get into detail then finished off with a black marker pen. After that I try to take a photograph in sunlight. there’s not been too much sunlight around recently other than this morning and the wind was causing havoc with the sketch pad.

Peterborough, UK, is celebrating 900 years of the current Peterborough Cathedral building which is my 2018 A-Z theme. Rather than give you lots of information which you can get from the website, books or by visiting and having a wonderful guided tour I’ve provided a list of topics and an illustration of one of them.

This is one of hundreds of blogs doing this challenge. Take a look at what others are doing and support this AtoZ Blogging Challenge..


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