I is for Imaginative illustration #AtoZchallenge

I’s linked to Peterborough Cathedral: Imaginative illustration; Iconic; Icons; Images; Imagination; Inks; Inside; Indigo and Incense.

Bench View No189

I think my imagination ran riot when I created this illustration from a bench in the cloisters on a busy day in 2015. Looking at it again now, it always makes me smile and yet, I wonder what the monks would have thought if they’d seen this, when they were so carefully illustrating beautiful manuscripts hundreds of years ago.

Peterborough, UK, is celebrating 900 years of the current Peterborough Cathedral building which is my 2018 A-Z theme. Rather than give you lots of information which you can get from the website, books or by visiting and having a wonderful guided tour I’ve provided a list of topics and an illustration of one of them.

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