L is for Lady chapel #AtoZchallenge

L’s linked to Peterborough Cathedral: Leviticus; Living; Lecturn; Luna; Lively; Lovely; Leaning; Learning; Lady chapel; Lonely Anzac; lozenges and library.


There is no Lady Chapel, well no longer but we do talk about it and where it was. Back in around 1643 Cromwellian soldiers destroyed a lot of what they could reach in the Cathedral and the Lady Chapel was dismantled to repair it and to raise money for the restoration.

This illustration is drawn from the outside (on a very hot day during the heritage festival last year) and the wall beyond the tree in the middle is where the Lady Chapel was attached to the North Transept of main cathedral building. I like to imagine what it was like and what I’d probably be saying about it if it was still here. I think it’s important to remember those buildings no longer around and pass on the stories linked to them to keep the memories alive.

Peterborough, UK, is celebrating 900 years of the current Peterborough Cathedral building which is my 2018 A-Z theme. Rather than give you lots of information which you can get from the website, books or by visiting and having a wonderful guided tour I’ve provided a list of topics and an illustration of one of them.

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