W is for West Front WOW #AtoZchallenge

W’s linked to Peterborough Cathedral: West front; working; Wealth; Water; Wake; Worship; WOW; Weddings and Windows.


The west front has the WOW factor. It gets me every time, whether it’s alone in the early morning or late evening or there’s hustle and bustle around and in front of it like this day during the heritage festival,  (the festival is 16-17 June this year). Peterborough Cathedral is a very busy place, with worship, work and WOW factor it has a draw that can’t always be described.

We can now say it’s 900 years since this building was started (it took 120 years to complete), I hope those around when it celebrates 900 years since the west front was consecrated enjoy being in it’s presence as much as I do now.

We’re getting to the end of my AtoZ of all things Peterborough Cathedral and I hope you’ve got a hint of the place. It’s not always thought of and yet, it’s got it’s place in history.

Peterborough, UK, is celebrating 900 years of the current Peterborough Cathedral building which is my 2018 A-Z theme. Rather than give you lots of information which you can get from the website, books or by visiting and having a wonderful guided tour I’ve provided a list of topics and an illustration of one of them.

This is one of hundreds of blogs doing this challenge. Take a look at what others are doing and support this AtoZ Blogging Challenge.


7 thoughts on “W is for West Front WOW #AtoZchallenge

  1. Nice foreground mid & background. Old & new. I’ve been looking every day. Almost done!
    Pulp Paper & Pigment-My Fiber Art Blog
    I’m visiting London for the first time in about 40 years in Sept to see son & dtr in law living there for 2 years. I need suggestions on stuff they may not have on their radar yet.

    • Thanks for being alongside. Yes nearly done.
      As for London, there’s some obvious ones for me. I believe everyone should know about and see the Rosetta stone in the British Museum, there’s also the roman finds there but I forget their name, I’ve not seen those yet. The British Library whatever they’ve got on. Imperial war museum, See what’s on in the south Bank. I love the globe theatre. Whilst west end productions are amazing I always used to like Hampstead theatre or for a bit of Shakespeare try regents park outside theatre. If you’re able, whispering gallery in St Pauls has to be done in anyone’s lifetime. I’m sure everyone will give you a different list. it really depends on your interests. A walk along the canals and to Camden market was always a favourite wander. Check what concerts are on in Hampstead heath, there’s a few other huge parks in central London which have events on during the summer.

      I’m assuming on their radar are buckingham palace, the mall, Trafalgar sq, covent garden, Kew Gardens, Changing of the guard, big ben, London Zoo, Westminster Abbey, Leicester sq, tower of London, the wheel, tate modern, tate Britain, National gallery, portrait gallery, trip on the river, Toussards, planetarium, national history mus, Science mus. And probably many many more. I’d forgotten how big and full of things London was till compiling this quick list for you. Some of those I haven’t done for decades.
      There is an unusual medical museum in Lincolns in fields if I recall correctly. And the Wellcome Gallery opposite Euston usually has an interesting exhibition on.
      Have a wonderful time.

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