B is for Bubbles and Blue Birthday #AtoZChallenge

One of the things we all got a bit obsessed over during the past few years were bubbles.. Who’s in your bubble? Are you in a bubble? I’m not in anyone’s bubble. Can you even be in a bubble? What was a bubble? A bubble was an extended household to make sure those who were on their own during the earlier stages of the COVID-19 pandemic had support. That included single parents who had young children.

A Saturday in September 2019, Bench Views Revisited No. 42 All rights the artist.

What’s the illustration to show household bubbles during lockdown? Probably families and Bench View Revisited No.42 was drawn in 2019 and has bubbles in it at a time when I had no idea that the phrase Bubbles would come to mean something so different. This is a pre-covid bubbles picture.

Friday 20 Sept 2019, Bench Views Revisited No.45 All rights, the artist.

During Covid lockdown December 2020 I had what could have become a blue Birthday. It was a big one and I had to have it isolated from others because the rules were that we were in the and I’ve already said I wasn’t in a bubble. Somehow it became the best ‘big’ birthday I could imagine and very memorable. Prople dropped of presents without coming in and I had a couple of virtual parties during the day while working my way through a bottle of bubbly, had to be done. Bench View Revisited No.45 drawn pre-covid somehow fits the bill to illustrate that. It ended up very blue with some happy birthday balloons being the bright colour on the page. Like my birthday in 2020, a very happy, bright event surrounded by a more muted world.

My theme for A to Z Blogging is my Bench Views Revisited illustrations done from benches in and around peterborough UK which i started in September 2019. I drew No. 88 in February 2020 then lockdown hit. I restarted the series in August 2020 which meant almost half the series were drawn pre-covid lockdown and the rest of the 190 illustrations were done post COVID-19 lockdown, well, after the first lockdown I think.

If anyone’s out there I hope you are able to pop back and enjoy some of the illustrations of Bench Views Revisited that I’ve finished. I might also need help formatting if the ‘like’ button’s disappeared, it’s been four years since I posted here.

A to Z Blogging Challenge


2 thoughts on “B is for Bubbles and Blue Birthday #AtoZChallenge

  1. Glad you celebrated your birthday anyway. We were in that strange, not sure of what level I was in, for my first covid birthday. I had family round in relays for a garden party, so we only had one bubble plus me at any time!
    I like the way you’ve illustrated bubbles. Great ideas.

    • Thanks Jemima. The illustrations are all drafted as they’re part of the drawing project I did 2019/20. I’m trying to pick suitable words that fit with the pictures I’ve got. It gets trickier when I’ve not finished the illustration. Glad you managed to work out a garden party birthday. It took some figuring out for all of us.

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