T is for Thank you #AtoZChallenge

There are many people to thank over our lifetimes. The past few years have shone a light on who in our neighbourhoods are key workers and who are less so. Who in our families and friendship groups have helped us and who have we helped.

To those who have helped me, Thank you. To those who are popping by and commenting even when I struggle to return the favour, Thank you. To the people who went about their daily work getting Bridge Street ready for a busy day with the street market and all that goes on with preparing a city street each morning, thank you, it was a pleasure adding you into my illustration.

Bench Views Revisited No. 107 August 2020

I sat on a bench then before I knew it there was a step ladder in front of me then it had been moved and the worker was further down the street then someone was moving their car after unloading and in between all of this the street market food stalls were being set up and tempting posters were in front of me.

Alongside all of this humming of activity was the street cleaner with the bright blue brushes which I’ve been trying to include but like many of the workers in town they appear and have past you before you notice they’re there. Ha! On this day, at this moment in time, I managed to include you!

My theme for A to Z Blogging Challenge is my Bench Views Revisited illustrations done from benches in and around Peterborough UK which I started in September 2019. I drew No. 88 in February 2020 then lockdown hit. I restarted the series in August 2020 which meant almost half the series were drawn pre-covid lockdown and the rest of the 190 illustrations were done post COVID-19 lockdown.

A to Z Blogging Challenge


9 thoughts on “T is for Thank you #AtoZChallenge

    • I needed to finish this to get it up in time so wanted to see what would happen if I only used a couple of colours. Glad you got the feeling of movement. Everything was happening at a pace around me on that day which wasn’t what I expected at all as I had no idea it was a food market day.

    • What an amazing comment, Thank You. I’ll take sublime and add another huge Thank You to you for starting A to Z and for still being here when I needed to do the A to Z blogging challenge this year.

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