Z is for Zone #AtoZChallenge

Getting to the end of the A to Z blogging challenge is always worth celebrating and a relief that I’ve manage to complete some more difficult posts, those which have less words that fit my themes. You can probably guess which they are and the final one is always the z.

I’ve checked the words beginning with Z that I’ve used before to make sure I’m not repeating one which I’ve not done for all the other letters in the alphabet in this years challenge posts. The only word beginning with Z that I’ve found in my Bench View Revisited illustrations for this years challenge is zone.

It was an easier decision than most of the letters to pick the image to fit for this post as I could only find one obvious one but I’m sure I’ve missed more obvious words.. The sign saying restricted zone is the original reason for using this Bench View for z.

In the UK we’re heading towards a milestone Celebration of the Platinum Jubilee reign of Queen Elizabeth II. There’s a z in Elizabeth, so that fits too. This illustration was done on King Street and I’ve painted it in red white and blue. I can’t imagine what this street used to be like as it’s a little courtyard linked to the back of the Shopping Centre now.

I felt like I was in the zone when painting this and hope you like it.

Thank you for being here with me this month. I’ve not participated in this challenge since 2018 and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed completing them I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and seeing the illustrations. Best wishes, Lynne

My theme for A to Z Blogging Challenge is my Bench Views Revisited illustrations done from benches in and around Peterborough UK which I started in September 2019. I drew No. 88 in February 2020 then lockdown hit. I restarted the series in August 2020 which meant almost half the series were drawn pre-covid lockdown and the rest of the 190 illustrations were done post COVID-19 lockdown.

A to Z Blogging Challenge


11 thoughts on “Z is for Zone #AtoZChallenge

    • Thanks Kristin. Every year there’s easier and harder letters and they’re not always the obvious ones are they. I think the letters that have tons of words you could use can be tricky because you’ve got to choose. I’d rather have less choice sometimes. I’ve had a great April AtoZ blogging challenge even though I wasn’t ‘officially’ signed up.. Don’t tell anyone.. 😉

  1. Love the bold coloration of this drawing! I truly enjoyed your artwork and accompanying narratives. You made it to the end of A to Z with flying colors so to speak. Fabulous job!

    Thanks for accompanying us on our A to Z journey.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. Well done for completing this again this year. I hope to resume blogging but I’ve tried and failed previously. The artwork is beautiful and the posts always interesting.

    • I wasn’t sure if I’d get blogging again as I’ve not posted since 2018. Doing this challenge and wanting to share some illustrations helped. Thanks for popping by and great feedback. Glad you like the illustrations.

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