Be a tourist in town

Now the Olympics are over and we’re allowed back into London because it won’t be so busy.. hmm.. something wrong with that sentence.  London seems to have got busy..  I’m normally there mid week flitting in and home in time for supper when I go, which isn’t that often these days.

I was fortunate to spend some time there last week with friends.  It’s been a while and I was very happy to follow where they went and do what they did.  We each listed something we’d really like to do and if the whole group fancied it too it happened.  A few of us wanted to go on the eye so that was done yet before we got on we started remembering how we were with heights, enclosed spaces, vertigo and the likes.. oops..

30 minutes later, some fared better than others yet we all felt like we’d achieved something.  We were very lucky with the weather, it was an amazing bright sunny October autumnal day and London was shining still.

Sometimes we need to see our daily routine and places we go through new eyes and from a different perspective.  Revisit known places with others and with a different attitude than we usually take with us.  Relax, chill and be a tourist in a place you go for work occasionally to feel what a difference the day can make..


4 thoughts on “Be a tourist in town

  1. Great post, and so true! When I lived in London, I never did the tourist thing except when I had visitors. All those amazing things at my doorstep, and I kept thinking, ‘well, I’ll do them one day.’ Ha! Life doesn’t work like that. Fab post, thanks for sharing, and so glad you had a good time! X

    • Thanks Nicky. Wanted to get it out before a week from when I went has past. I had a great time. I do try to do the tourist thing everywhere I live when I first move there. Summer’s a good time in Peterborough. There’s various festivals and because it’s not a ‘tourist’ hot spot they’re promoted and run for locals. xx

  2. I love your photo of the London Eye shadow. Perfectly captured. Every so often we play at being tourists in Leicester. It’s amazing how you can live and work beside historical or beautiful features and never notice them.

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