Beerfest, food and editing

There’s tons of things I want to blog about and I could write more often than I do.  I also want to spend time with my friends, keep my clothes clean and edit my novels.  I really need to edit my novels.  Each time I sit here to write a post for this blog I feel I should be editing a novel or two.  Often I then move onto something else and do neither.

Yes I will get to the point soon.. I did manage to mix editing and socialising with friends last week.

Annually, since I’ve lived in Peterborough (6 years!), I’ve enjoyed the CAMRA beer festival.  I’m not sure why but I enjoyed this years the most.  Each year is different, sometimes I have friends & family staying, sometimes I don’t.  This year I wandered lonely.. keeping the reasons to myself.. It seemed more relaxed, I seemed more relaxed and was able to wander, bump into a few people I knew, could stop to talk or not, listened to some fab music (I must work out how to add music here) and generally do what I wanted.  One late afternoon that included eating battered sausage and chips with a beer while editing one of my novels.  This turns out to be one of my ideas of bliss, I had a wonderful time!

As expected, we had expressions of the weather showing it’s sadness of the demise of the beer and the end of the festival.  The compulsory thunder and lightening storm on the last day.  Mud everywhere and everyone getting soggy.  It wouldn’t be the beerfest if that didn’t happen on at least one day!

I still have two draft novels that are in need of major edits. Why I thought I could write novels without putting in the hard editing graft that’s needed I’ll never know.  What I learnt last week, is that if I could spend more time at beer festivals I’d get much more editing done.  Where’s my CAMRA membership card and when’s the next one?  Have draft chapters in bag now at all times, just in case..

Where do you edit well?

Do you love beer festivals?

What pics do you take from portaloo keyholes.. hmm.. must have words with myself on that one!

Can any of your loves in life mix well together?


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