Celebrating 20,000 tweets

If each tweet I’ve sent had at least 10 words in it that’s 200,000+ words.  Often, I have to edit them, leave out punctuation, so my little notes, “fit into one tweet which suggests they’re likely to be more like 15 words which would be 300,000 words I’ve written since I started Tweeting”. And breathe! My draft novels vary from 50,000 to 75,000 words and I’ve got 4 of them so since I started tweeting I’ve tweeted as many or more words than I’ve written in my novels.

If I stopped tweeting would I have twice the number of novels?  No, I don’t think so either.  I might have spent more time editing and my novels might be closer to getting finished, whatever that word means..

I got dragged kicking and screaming onto twitter by a BBC campaign a couple of years ago, when I was a regular contributor to one of their radio shows.  Little did I realise what I’d gain, that I’d meet so many new people who then gave me confidence to blog (something I’d wanted to do for a while but not felt able to, for some reason), I know some might wish I hadn’t started blogging or tweeting but today’s a celebration of my 20,000th tweet and I just had to blog about it..

What else have I gained from fellow tweetsville residents?  Some help me write, others make me laugh and smile and cry and lots of other emotions, all in under 140 characters.


The past week has seen me bake a lot of cakes for all sorts of reasons.  I’ll blog about that separately, probably.  Today, the cakes I baked this morning will have a couple of uses.  One is to celebrate my 20,000th tweet which will include the link to this blog.  A couple have been eaten for breakfast.. They had carrot and courgette in them.. and eggs.. Eggs are breakfast fodder.

Celebrating my 20,000th tweet, I’m sending virtual hugs to say a bit THANK YOU, if you’re a reader, fellow writer, friend virtually or otherwise..  You help keep me grounded, balanced and full of smiles and that’s a really important job that you have so please carry on through my next 20,000 tweets whatever they may cover.  Before you know it the cakes will be iced, so grab a coffee and let’s have a chat..


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