Is something happening in Britain this summer?

You’d think something was happening over here soon… 😉

Going shopping these past weeks in Peterborough, I’ve been bombarded with the Union Jack flag everywhere and on everything.  It’s wonderful and I can’t help getting swept along with the excitement.

Biscuits, chocolate, bunting, plates, bread, toilet roll, rugs, headphones, you name it and I can probably find one with a british flag on!

Yes, I gave in.

For the Queens Diamond Jubilee I had to get a new cake stand decorated in red, white and blue bunting and, to show my support for the Olympics, I couldn’t resist 3 rubber ducks bedecked in the designs of a Team GB runner, swimmer and cyclist!  I love them!  (I know, I’ll never grow up)

What is your country celebrating this year?

What bizarre items have you bought which have been produced just for it?


6 thoughts on “Is something happening in Britain this summer?

  1. I have actually bought a Union Jack dress for £6 to wear on my stall at our village jubilee fete – seriously hope the sun shines! I love rubber ducks too, I have two from Thailand of all places. Strange but true!

    • Your dress sounds great. I’m sure the sun will be shining even if it’s raining..

      I seem to collect rubber ducks.. I get rid of one’s that are getting a bit weary and before I know it I’ve replaced them with new ones.. ooh I’ll have to see if the ‘old’ one has gone to the charity shop yet. If not he may be joining his olympic hopefuls..

  2. I couldn’t possibly tell you what Germany is celebrating this summer as I am totally out of touch. But I can tell you that as a non-native, never mind that I’ve been here for nearly 20 years, I find the whole atmosphere totally enchanting. I love walking around Clifton and seeing all the posh houses bedecked with bunting and flags. I love the atmosphere and the great party spirit and, talking of parties, all the street parties going on. It reminds me just why I like it so much in my adopted homeland!! My concession to the festivities: I’ve bought a really pretty ‘flag print’ dress from Next, and I never normally even wear dresses. This one, however, is special!

    • Glad that you find the atmosphere enchanting Nicky. It probably depends where you are.. not sure there’s a lot of enchantment going on in this street but I have bought lots of flag covered items today.. can’t stop myself! Now the proud owner of union jack oven glove. Hmm should I have got 2?

      You got a union jack dress.. I’ve not seen them. They sound fun!

  3. So much fun! Wish I could be there. I do have a bracelet from 1954 with the Queen’s face on a huge coin that dangles. A gift that was handed down, would love to give it someone who would appreciate it. Let me know.

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