Underestimated & Unfinished #AtoZchallenge

The theme of my AtoZ has really been about my unfinished novels!  I’ve covered some uniqueness I have in using fairy cake cases for keeping notes on and I’ve even addressed how I struggle with writing about undressing..

What’s bugging me is that ultimately my novels are unfinished, for a variety of reasons.  The enthusiasm wanes, the interest is lacking and as I get to the end of this AtoZchallenge I realise I will have no more excuses and now the whole world knows I’m putting off finishing the unfinishable.. is that even a word?

unfinished sketch

Will I do AtoZ again?  Not until at least one of these novels is un-unfinished..

No guesses what I underestimated.  Not only how tough I’d find this challenge compared to last year but also how hard it would be to knock my words into shape.  I Overestimated how hard it would be to get the words down and convinced myself I’d be able to edit easily.  ‘Better to edit a draft, than to write it’ is my usual mantra.  When it comes to my novels, that mantra needs a change of view.

Whilst I’d read, written and edited a lot, I hadn’t edited novels and hadn’t learnt all the tricks of the trade.  I feel that I’m now more knowledgeable and am learning all the time.  Because of the way I write, very fast over a few weeks, it’s hard graft when you get to the edit.

What have you underestimated and what do you still have unfinished?

My AtoZchallenge posts are about writing, parts of my novels or some research I need to do for them.  I’m not allowing myself to write about anything other than topics linked to the books, my books. The current titles that I’m writing about are ‘Bags’, ‘Holiday stories’ and ‘Dream Gardener’.


13 thoughts on “Underestimated & Unfinished #AtoZchallenge

  1. I have lot of unfinished things. I did complete the A to Z challenge last year. It was difficult as I wrote most posts on the day they were due. This time I pre-scheduled the majority. That kept me sane, sort of.

    • Thanks for popping by. This year I’ve done a week pre-scheduled at a time. That wasn’t the plan, which was to have all done in March.. Yes, I completely understand the ‘sort of’.

  2. Hi Lynne, you really shouldn’t beat yourself up – for one thing, you will shortly finish the A-Z and by doing so you have proved, yet again, that you can finish something. Until fairly recently I too thought of myself as someone who didn’t get anything finished – but it only takes a few minutes to think about all of the stuff you HAVE finished to make you realise that isn’t true. Think of your novels as ‘Works in Progress’ rather than unfinished. I wasn’t happy with the subject of my W post, and you have inspired me to change it to Work in Progress – so yet another positive to come out of your writing! Keep going!

    Kelly’s Eye – Writing, Music, Life

    • Thanks Wayne. Yes I do beat myself up tons! Must stop that bad habit.. I have finished the AtoZ.. Last 6 letters got Pre-scheduled yesterday.. amazed I finished my Z, it’s a whopper, W is too but V, X and Y are short to counteract them..
      Happy to have inspired. That’s good!
      Here’s hoping my lighter side comes through in these last blogs..

  3. Sorry if you’ve had problems reading this.. let me know here or via twitter @LynneInPborough if you have. Something’s changed with how I post these to fb. That might have changed other stuff too..

  4. I think it must be so hard to write a whole book then have to go back and edit again and again,I would become bored with the book.Just a suggestion but if you have a friend who writes maybe she could edit bits of it for you or at least read it and point out any glaring mistakes.Sometimes sharing helps.

  5. With the first novel, getting to the end of that edit seems impossible! (Especially if you’re the sort of person who goes back and starts editing at the beginning before making it to the end.) But it does get easier!

    If you’re stuck on editing, I’d recomend getting someone to look over it for you, and give you some editing suggestions. I’ve found that invaluable in working out where to focus my efforts during an edit.

    Rinelle Grey

    • Ahh there’s been blogs and blogs this year about procrastination.. Go find Kern at the end of the linky list if you haven’t already. That’s been her theme and she’s done a fab job for the rest of us!!

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