Xeriscape #AtoZchallenge

Xeriscape is a type of gardening which means the garden needs little additional watering.

I’d never heard of this before I was researching what my X could be but think I could add it to some of the discussions in ‘Dream Gardener’ I’m sure one of Elizabeth’s garden designs would be of the Xeriscape variety.  Hmm.. that might get readers grabbing the dictionary.  Something I don’t want any of my novels to do.


Thanks for visiting.  Yes this is an ultra short X, we needed it after that W but don’t worry, I’m building up again to a fun finale.. (Practicing variety of paragraphs..) 

Don’t feel you need to leave a comment today but please come back for Z..  My AtoZchallenge posts are usually about my writing..


13 thoughts on “Xeriscape #AtoZchallenge

  1. I hadn’t heard the term Xeriscaping before, though I am familiar with gardens that need little watering. We rarely water ours (though our grass does get very brown in the dry season!), water is saved for the vegies!

    Rinelle Grey

    • My patio and veg plot need watering in the summer but the water butts help see me through. By this time last year we’d been in a hosepipe ban for 3 weeks then had the wettest year on record. Hilarious! Raining this morning when I wanted to sit in the sun on the patio.

    • I’m rather surprised that my drawings get mentioned on the days I’m embarassed to post the sketches.. oh well, I obviously can’t see what others do. Many thanks for the comments.
      For the record, the sketches I like are C, E, F, Q, V and W..

  2. Xeriscaping is huge here in Dallas and across the southwest where summers are hellish and water is limited. Although I do not xeriscape in the true sense of the word (I have grass in my front yard), I do follow many of the practices with mulching, watering deeply and planting drought tolerant plants…I almost wrote about this topic…:))

    • Hilarious. I’d never heard of it before. Not sure where I saw it and I only picked it because my latest WIP has a gardening theme. Maybe they can go to Dallas to find out about it…

  3. You taught me a knew word, Lynne, and that’s always good. Anyway, I agree with Dee – I love your little sketches and they always make it worthwhile to pop by. Look forward to your last 2 posts.

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